Q:  What are thermaBliss® Shells & Stones?

A:  thermaBliss® Shells & Stones are the world’s first naturally self-heating massage tool, designed to allow a massage therapist, or anyone performing some type of bodywork, the ability to add heat or cold into their techniques.

Q: How do thermaBliss® Shells & Stones work?

A: thermaBliss® Shells & Stones use the same heating technology used in our PerfectSense® Paraffin system. The patented self-heating technology of thermaBliss mineral energy is activated with water, forming a gel inside the Shell or Stone and causing an exothermic reaction. Depending on the Charge used this almost instantly creates a mild to hot Shell or Stone ready to use on your client. Once activated, each Shell or Stone will continue to generate heat for 45 to 90 minutes. As the shell is used, it will naturally transfer heat to the body and cool. When set aside and/or not moving on the skin, its temperature will begin increasing. This is especially true during the first half hour after activation, when the shell is generating the most energy at the highest rate.

Q: How do I manage the heat of thermaBliss® Shells & Stones?

A: When the Shell or Stone is in use, thermal energy sinks out of it and it cools; set it aside and it continues to generate heat. Because of this, a Shell or Stone should never be set-aside for more than 2-3 minutes at a time after activation. Whenever a shell is set aside, you must always test the temperature of the shell before placing it against a client’s skin again. Because your hands will be more accustomed to the heat from holding the shells often, you should check the temperature against another part of your body (wrist, inner arm, or neck – somewhere where the skin is relatively thin) before use.

Q: How hot do the Shells & Stones get? Can I burn a client?

A: The thermaBliss Charges are engineered to produce consistent heat reactions every time. As with any heated product, all instructions must be followed carefully and should only be used by trained staff. As long as instructions for proper use are followed, the shells are very safe. Over the course of the massage, the shell will fluctuate normally in temperature as it is used (it will lose heat when used and will be set aside for brief periods to recharge). If the protocols included with the shells are followed correctly, the shells should never get hot enough to burn a client.

Q: How long do thermaBliss® Shells & Stones stay hot?

A: All types of Shells & Stones will stay warm for 45-90 minutes, depending on the Charge used and method of application. The more vigorously the shells are used, the quicker they will shed their heat.
The mild heat of the Facial Blend can safely be used on the face, neck, decolletage or anywhere on the body or if a client is adverse to a higher heat massage or treatment.

Q: How do I cool the Shells & Stones if they become too hot?

A: If a Shell or Stone ever becomes too hot, always be prepared to cool it utilising one of the following techniques:

  1. When you need to cool the shell, simply place it in a very damp and cool towel and wrap it up for 5-10 seconds, to sink the heat and reduce its temperature to a comfortable level. Once activated, do not leave a Shell or Stone unattended until it has cooled. It’s good practice to empty the Shell or Stone immediately after finishing a treatment (cool shell before emptying if necessary).
  2. Fill a dish with cool water and simply submerge the shell into the water for 5 to 10 seconds. This will lower the temperature to a comfortable level without taking excessive heat from the shell. If too hot to handle, use a damp towel to pick up the shell and place it in the cooling dish.

Q: Are the thermaBliss® Charges toxic?

A: Absolutely not. The Charges are a powerful, patented blend of magnesium, iron, and salt without any toxic substances in them. They can safely be emptied into regular rubbish or washed down the sink.

Q: How strong are the Shells & Stones? Can I break them?

A: Natural Codacia and Cowrie Shells are composed of calcium carbonate, the same basic material that makes up our bones and teeth. The Ceramic Codacia Shells and the Stones are a blend of real seashells and high quality porcelain. Both are very durable and can be used for deep pressure work without any worry about breaking. It is possible for them to chip or break if dropped, but if handled with appropriate care they will last indefinitely. However, due to the organic nature of Natural Shells, they are more fragile than Ceramic Shells. Differences in massage technique and handling of the shells makes it impossible to exactly determine their shelf life.


Q: How long do the Shells & Stones take to prepare and clean up?

A: Preparation and cleanup are very simple.

To prepare your Shell or Stone, remove the cap, open the Charges pack and pour the mineral powder in the pack into your choice of Shell or Stone. The amount of water to add for effective activation is shown on the guide on the outside of the pack. Use warm to hot water depending on the type of Charge used or cold to iced water for the Glacial Blend. Replace the cap. For Cowrie Shells there is no cap – just pour the mineral powder directly into the Shell then add water noting the different fill mark on the Charges pack.This process should typically take less than a minute and the Shell or Stone will immediately start heating or cooling and soon be ready to use.

To clean up, remove the cap and shake the Shell or Stone over a bin or sink so that the gel falls out. Rinse the inside of the shell to get any last gel residue, then clean the outside with a non-abrasive soap and water. Sanitise the outside with whatever product you generally use. It will typically take one to two minutes from start to finish, then the shell is ready to use again.  It’s good practice to empty the Shell or Stone immediately after finishing a treatment (cool shell before emptying if necessary) so that cleanup is as easy as possible.

Q: How do thermaBliss® Stones compare to traditional Hot Stone Massage?

A: It is important to remember that thermaBliss® Stones are not a direct replacement for Hot Stones. They are a unique massage tool that can be used in a similar way to a traditional Hot Stones treatment but also allow you to perform many other types of services that Hot Stone Massage cannot: Trigger point, reflexology, spot therapy on face, head or neck and full body. thermaBliss® Stones also offer fundamental improvements over Hot Stones in many areas, especially for the therapists performing the treatment. To begin with, the system is entirely self-contained. Once the Stones are activated, they can be taken anywhere, so there’s no need for a nearby power outlet. 

Second, there’s no supplemental equipment required. Hot Stone uses large, energy-inefficient roasters to heat the stones. These not only require additional cleaning apart from the stones, can increase the risk of cross-contamination between patients and can also make the treatment room uncomfortably hot. 

Third, and most important, there is no touch time lost with a thermaBliss Stone massage. During a Hot Stone treatment, because the stones only stay hot for a few minutes, the therapist must constantly be returning to the roaster to get new hot stones out of the water, and in doing so they must stop massaging briefly. But with no more than four thermaBliss Stones needed for an entire massage, and no heater, the therapist can stay with the client for the length of the treatment, providing all the benefits of both heat and continuous touch, which Hot Stone simply cannot do.

Q: Can I use massage oil with thermaBliss® Shells & Stones?

A: Yes. Oil should be used to facilitate easy movement of the Shell or Stone on the skin. There are many fantastic Australian massage oils in the market so use your favourite. Unlike regular Hot Stones, the thermaBliss® Shells & Stones are non-porous, meaning massage oil comes off easily and no bacteria or oil residue becomes caught in the surface of the Shell or Stone, creating a more sanitary, easier to clean tool.

Q: How many shells do I need to do a massage?

A: The number of shells you use with any given treatment depends on the treatment’s length and the amount of time during the treatment that you want to apply heat. A 50-60 minute massage can use 1-3 shells, and with an 80-minute massage can use 4 shells. A 50-minute facial with a 20-minute hot shell neck and shoulder rub would rarely use more than one. You’ll want to determine which treatments require what amount of heat, and then decide how many shells to use per treatment.

You will also be able to keep track of your costs per treatment because once you have the Shells & Stones you cost per thermaBliss Charge pack is always the same.