Lava Shells

themaBliss Shells & Stones


Forget heaters, microwaves, or even electricity! You now have the power of mineral energy! thermaBliss Shells and Stones empower massage & beauty therapists, or anyone performing bodywork, the ability to instantly add heat or cold, or both, into their techniques in a client exclusive and sanitary way.

These natural Shells & Stones provide your clients with luxurious heat to envelop the senses or invigorating cold for muscular aches or to rejuvenate skin. Once filled with the mineral energy of a thermaBliss Charge (4 versions available) the Shell varieties give you all kinds of options for massage therapy and facials. When you use the Stones you don’t have to change any of your menus or protocols – in fact they just got easier. Just as important for you and your clients is the client exclusive, single use, sanitary aspect. The non-porous surface allows for fast cleaning and sanitisation in less than 2 minutes – and they’re ready to use again.