System Specifications

The Treatment

Each PerfectSense Paraffin Treatment comes complete with everything needed to perform a luxurious paraffin experience including:

Two PerfectSense® Paraffin Gloves OR Slippers infused with Nourisment+ blend paraffin

One Heater Pouch

One AromaVapor Activator Solution in your choice of fragrance – Lavender, Invigorate, or Neutral.
Look out for the new Natural Collection incorporating pure plant based essential oils coming soon!

Heating Chamber

Using no electricity, the Heating Chamber heats the single-use, disposable PerfectSense® Paraffin treatments in just 6-8 minutes using a natural mineral reaction activated by salt water. Paraffin melts directly into the sealed gloves or slippers at the perfect temperature. Molded with solid aluminum construction and powder-coated for beauty and durability. Available in Hammered Copper or Gloss White it is also an attractive addition to any clinic or spa and doesn’t need to be hidden away from view like ugly, unsanitary electric heating tubs.

As it is portable it can be taken anywhere in your salon with the aromatherapy vapours transforming that room into a relaxing treatment area. The Nourishment+ Paraffin Blend is inside each of the sanitary, single use gloves or slippers. The melt temperature of paraffin is 50˚C, and as soon as that temperature is reached, it turns into a liquid and flows down into the glove or slipper. This is an all-natural and non-toxic process and is a natural, exothermic mineral reaction between food-grade minerals and saline solution.

PerfectSense Heating Chamber

Heater Pouch

For use with the PerfectSense® Paraffin Heating Chamber and AromaVapor Solution, the Heater Pouch contains the food-grade minerals (Magnesium, Iron) necessary to start the natural exothermic reaction to melt the paraffin.

All the single use sanitary PerfectSense products can be disposed of safely in the regular garbage.

Treatment Extenders

Made of European Terry Cloth for superior comfort and insulation. Can extend the PerfectSense Paraffin Treatment for up to 30 minutes.

PerfectSense Nourishment +